Christ is Born! – Glorify Him!

The post today, in honor of our Lord and Savior’s birth is taken from postings of  “Orthodox Agape” by Papa Demetri.

Christ is born!  Glorify Him!
May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – “the newborn Child the God before time” – fill the ‘cave’ of your precious soul with the “peace that surpasses all understanding”, the “hope that does not put to shame”, the joy that “no one can take away” and His limitless, never-ending and unconditional love!

“Great is this day above all days, for in it came forth mercy to sinners.  A store of medicines is this, Thy great day, because on it shone forth the Medicine of Life to the wounded!  A treasure of helpful graces is this day, for … on it Light gleamed forth upon our blindness!  Yea, it also brought a sheaf unto us; and it came, that from it might flow plenty upon our hunger. This day is that forerunning Cluster, in which the cup of salvation was concealed! This day is the first-born feast, which, being born the first, overcomes all feasts.” [Hymn 3]


Make a Better You – Income, Investments, Retirementt


Rule One Investing – Phil Town

Payback Time – Phil Town

Invested – Phil Town, Rule One Podcast

Dividend Machine – Book and newsletter – Bill Spetrino

Search YouTube for relevant videos of Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet about investing.  (I am very disinterested in their politics, but as current and relevant students of Ben Graham, they are very worthwhile in regards to investing philosophy.)



Untethered Use of the Internet – Tools

20823453-unplug-circle-signs-Stock-Vector-unplug-unpluggedMany of you may find that the internet ubiquity makes your device permanently useful.  However, there may be times when you cannot reliably use the internet.  Therefore, some of the following tools will be indispensable for accessing courses and materials.  I use these because I travel a great deal and always want to be using travel time for education time.

I prefer to use my travel and drive time for education over music or entertainment.  It not only is a wise use of my time, but a stimulating way to keep alert.

  • Clipgrab – allows you to download (for later use) video content, especially YouTube.
  • Enounce Myspeed – allows you to speed up, or slow down, video content.
  • VLC – great replay for video content – allows for speed up of video replay.
  • MP3 Converter – allows you to take the audio portion of a video (MP4) for replay on ITunes or other audio listener.
  • Amazon MP3 downloader – especially good if you are a Prime Member of Amazon
  • Audible – an Amazon product for purchasing audio recordings/performances of books.
  • Firefox – a browser that works better for a MAC than Safari, especially when trying to play or download video’s.

Creating a Better You – Health

G Suit and Helmet Not Required

The book list for the discussion of maintaining optimal health:

Wheat Belly – indispensable for your best health!

World Without Cancer – What if it were true that cancer was preventable for less than 2 cents per day?

Nutritional Healing – The notion that food is not nutrition is crazy.  But, to think that all food has the potential nutrition that God meant for it is not scientifically possible.  Therefore, supplementing the daily nutrients that you need to maintain optimal health is a very inexpensive way to maintain longevity and quality.

Cooked – A very enlightening journey.

Boys Adrift – Why are our young men so out of tune?

Attempt to Create a Better You

I am always attempting to create a better me.  How about you?

I challenge you to set aside time each day to that eventual reality when you are capable of discerning that you have achieved a bit of a better you.

I publish for you now a partial list of additional education opportunities: (stay tuned for the full list)

Continuing Education

The “following bibliography” of reading, studying and courses will insure that you are on track with an abundance of wealth and health issues that will affect the remainder of your life.  It is not just imperative that you are aware of these, but that you actively engage yourself in the abundance of life changing possibilities enumerated.

Each of these will include, when available,

  • Reading (Books)
  • Blogs to follow
  • Youtube subscriptions
  • PodCast subscriptions
  • Suggested courses (mostly free)

The following fields will be examined:

  • Health and Longevity
  • Income including investments and business
  • Government and Freedom
  • Preparedness
  • Christianity and spirituality
  • Biographies and Autobiographies
  • Favorite Authors