Attempt to Create a Better You

I am always attempting to create a better me.  How about you?

I challenge you to set aside time each day to that eventual reality when you are capable of discerning that you have achieved a bit of a better you.

I publish for you now a partial list of additional education opportunities: (stay tuned for the full list)

Continuing Education

The “following bibliography” of reading, studying and courses will insure that you are on track with an abundance of wealth and health issues that will affect the remainder of your life.  It is not just imperative that you are aware of these, but that you actively engage yourself in the abundance of life changing possibilities enumerated.

Each of these will include, when available,

  • Reading (Books)
  • Blogs to follow
  • Youtube subscriptions
  • PodCast subscriptions
  • Suggested courses (mostly free)

The following fields will be examined:

  • Health and Longevity
  • Income including investments and business
  • Government and Freedom
  • Preparedness
  • Christianity and spirituality
  • Biographies and Autobiographies
  • Favorite Authors



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