A Better You Government

I have met countless individuals that knew their lives would be greater, fuller, more meaningful and beautiful – if only they could figure out how to become Americans!  US Citizenship!  A Dream!  It is such a shame that so many recent immigrants have made a sham of this dream.  However, if you travel outside the US, you will be amazed at how people still fawn and dream of becoming what many of you readers already possess.  Unfortunately, many of them know better about what it means to be a Citizen than many ‘citizens’.

Here than is a great introductory to getting better educated about what you already possess, and why it has become the gold standard.

The US Constitution

Federalist Papers

Courses from Hillsdale College (free online)

Hillsdale Dialogues Podcast

American Conservative University Podcast

Mark Levine Audio Rewind Podcast

Plunder and Deceit

Creature From Jekyll Island

Remember, I prefaced this list with this being simply an introductory list.



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