According to the definition in the urban dictionary: “To do one action/ say something/ practise a way of life then be offended/insulted/ protest when others do the same (to you).”

Well, this could be applied in a number of interesting ways.  I think the most interesting is in a judgmental sense.  A person who says someone else is judgmental is actually, themselves being judgmental!  And, therefore, unavoidably hypocritical.

So, in fact, my observations here are judgmental.  However, I find that being so for others is the epitome of hypocritical.  A person that thinks others should boycott a particular business, for example, due to a belief held by its CEO is certainly, even if unknowingly, being grossly hypocritical.  Unless they live in another country (their own), grow all their own food, make all their own clothes, etc, etc.

I do greatly believe that we each should practice our own beliefs with care, especially if it regards our pocketbook.  We can, and should practice good capitalism by investing in and buying, as best we can, those products and companies that most suit our beliefs.  But, to think that we can completely eliminate buying from a company that completely espouses our belief is not only ludicrous, but laughable.

When we go to the voting place and cast our ballots, we should do so with extreme care and diligence.  To not vote, surely, is a vote!  When we go to the market, again, we should practice care and conscience.  But, be careful of throwing stones, when you live in a glass house!


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