Sheep or Goat

My priest, Father Chris, preached a homily this past Sunday, entitled, “Sheep or Goat”.  You can watch it by clicking the link here.

I added a comment that I would like to share.  It is more meaningful if you watch the homily first.  Here is my comment,

“Yesterday, I felt a similar situation in reverse. I lost my baptismal cross in the gym while working out. I notified the folks at the front desk. No, sorry, nothing reported. A bit later, one of the attendants came to me and presented me back my lost cross. I was overjoyed, and told him so, and then asked where it was found. He replied that a lady had spotted it and turned it in. I am not able to say thank you to her, nor do I know if she knows how wonderful it was to have it returned. But, hopefully, her blessing of this act of kindness, and the attendants for bringing it to me are significant. What a joy to be able to perform little and meaningful acts.”